Bharat Dham, an imposing hill situated about 8 km from Bhopal is the highest peak in Bhopal. The place houses the sculptures of great Indian personalities along with their brief biographies. A Jain temple named Manuabhan Ki Tekri lies on the Bharat Dham with the idol of Adhishtayak Dev Shri Man Bhadarji is a pilgrimage and faith of Jain devotees. The Tekri is adorned with the footprints of Jain saints Shri Vijay Suriji, Shri Jinndutt Sureshwarji and Acharya Mantung.

On this peak, Bharat Dham is being developed which would house sculptures of great Indian personalities apart from their brief biographies.


Dhrupad, the ancient style of Hindustani classical music is a major heritage of Indian culture. The word Dhrupad is derived from two words namely Dhruva (the unwavering evening star that moves through our galaxy) and Pada (poetry). Dhrupad music is a form of devotional music originated from Samveda (chanted with vocal style called 'Chhanda' and 'Prabandha' which led to the emergence of Dhrupad). India is the idyllic place to enjoy vocal performances by some of the famous names of the music fraternity. Indian classical music's famous dhrupad style is the order of the day at this Bhopal Dhrupad Samaroh. Music aficionados from across the world come to the city lured by this Dhrupad Samaroh of Bhopal.

Dhrupad Samaroh is one among the important event in Bhopal, that organizes various musical concerts of notable classical musicians. The vocal performance in the dhrupad style of Indian classical music induces a feeling of peace and reflection to the audience. Classical music lovers from different parts of the world gathered here to take part in Dhrupad Samaroh.

Dhrupad music in Bhopal has a sacred tinge to it. Its main aim is to bring on feelings of peace as well as reflection to the listener. The word Dhrupad is a blend of two words namely DHRUVA and PADA. Dhrupad Samaroh in Bhopal offers the chance to get enchanted by the musical performance of many stalwarts who present several compositions of Dhrupad.


Arera Hills, situated in the central region of Bhopal is one among the major hills of Bhopal. Satpura Bhavan and Vindhyachal Bhavan are the two major office complexes located in Arera hill area. These complexes houses number of State Government Offices and many projects. Laxminarayan Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Birla Museum with a collection of 12th century sculptures; Vallabh bhavan garden, etc. are the major attractions of Arera hill region.