Betel leaf or Paan, as it is known in India, is an integral part of Indian culture and society. It is believed that the practice of chewing Paan originated in South East Asian Islands. The preparation of the Betel leaf or Paan acquired different forms and methods in India and besides the Banarasi Paan, it was the Bhopali Paan that conquered the heart of people. The Betel leaf or the Paan over time became very popular in the Indian Sub Continent. Noorjahan, the mother of the Mughal Emperor Shah jahan is said to have popularized the habit of chewing Betel leaf.

Bhopali Paan is an integral part of the Culture of Bhopal and a Bhopali Paan shop can be found at every nook and corner of the city of Bhopal. The preparation of Bhopali Paan is quite different from the Paans found in other parts of India. The Bhopali Paan is topped with various kinds of toppings which include chuna, kattha and supari. There are different varieties of Bhopali Paan and one can even get an order made Bhopali Paan. The people of Bhopal consider Paan making as a form of Art and therefore it is a part of their culture and heritage which has been passed down from one generation to the other. 

Bhopali Paan is a part of the tradition of the place and therefore everything related to it is very traditional which has been continuing for ages. The Beetel leaves are wrapped in a moist red cloth which is called 'Shaal baaf' and is kept in a metal casket called Paan- daan. The Paan Daan has several other compartments in which the other fillings of the Paan are stored. The Betel leaf or the Paan is said to be the most popular natural mouth refresher. Besides having refreshment value, Bhopali Paan also has digestive value and is often offered to guests after a hearty meal.


The three-day religious congregation of Ijtima is considered among the most important events and festivals celebrated in Bhopal. This event is held every year and is accompanied by a gorgeous fair. Previously it was celebrated in the premises of the Taj- ul- Masjid but very recently the venue of this congregation has been shifted to Ghasipura, a place near the city of Bhopal.

Muslim pilgrims from various corners of India gather in Bhopal on this occasion. This event of Bhopal is probably the second largest gathering of the Muslim community in the world that does not have any political affiliation. However, Hajj is the biggest one.

During these three days a gorgeous fair is also held near the venue. The local people participate in it with much exuberance. It is said that in the earlier days, during the colonial rule in India, the fair that accompanied Ijtima of Bhopal was popular among the locals because of the clothes that were sold there. The foreign delegates used to bring many clothes along with them and sell them here at very low prices. After the advent of the media and increasing availability of good quality clothing materials in India the hype that surrounded the trade of the discarded clothes of the foreigners gradually disappeared.

Ijtima held in Bhopal is considered to be one of the largest religious congregations in the world. It carries some of the greatest spiritual messages, not only for the Muslims but also for the non- Muslims around the world.


US Pizza 1st started in Bangalore in 1995 and now in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh; U.S Pizza offers the most delicious pizzas in all possible local flavors. In the last 15 years, it has established more than 76 outlets in 29 cities across the country.


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Address- E- 5/7, Surya Tower, Opp. Habibganj Police Station, Bittan Market, Bhopal- 462016, Madhya Pradesh, India.


Red Cross Blood Bank
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Address: Indian Red Cross Society, Choraha Park, Near JAY Prakash Hospital, Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal- 462016, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Bhopal Blood Bank
Phone: +91- 755- 4242131, 2538891, 3295143
Address: 4 Fatehgarh, Opp Old GATE Of Hamidia Hospital, Hamidia Road, Bhopal- 462001, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Bhopal Blood Bank
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Address: 5/635, Nehru Nagar, Bhopal- 462003, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Bhopal Medical Centre
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Address: 202/203, B/H Jyoti Cinema Zone I, M P Nagar, Bhopal – 462011, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Hamidia Hospital
+91- 755- 755-2540222, 2540051
Address: Saradar Manzil, Royal Market Road, Hamidia Road, Bhopal- 462001, Madhya Pradesh, India.

G M C Blood Bank
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Address: Royal Market, Bhopal- 462001, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Dr Maiti Bhopal Path Lab & New Bhopal Blood Bank
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Address: E4/149, Market No 10, Arera Colony, Bhopal- 462016, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Arpan Blood Bank
Phone: +91- 755- 755-2574940, 4090142

Address: 131/6 Kiran Complex Zone II, Near Pragati Petrol Pump NearSargam Talkies, M P Nagar, Bhopal- 462011, Madhya Pradesh, India.


Salkanpur Temple is located in Sehore district near Budhni, Budhni is a town formally known as 'Buuddha Nivasini' literally meaning the residential of Buddha, the temple is at a distance of 70 km from Bhopal by road and the nearest railway station is Sehore which is on the Bhopal- Ratlam route.The Salkanpur temple is devoted to goddess Durga and the presiding deity here is Ma Durga Beejasan one of the incarnation of the goddess Durga. The Temple is situated on an 800 ft high hillock and has more than 1000 stairs.

Salkanpur is a placed where mata vijayasen is virajman on top of hill you can go by car ropeway, and by stairs (1000 stairs), it is one of the greatest placed like maihar, vasnodevi.

Salkanpur is located in rehti tehsil dist.sehore madhya pradesh,25 km from hoshangabad,70 km from bhopal,150km from indore,every one can reach by car, taxi,bus etc.


The AISECT University in Bhopal, a world-class institution, is committed to provide knowledge and understanding of an ever-changing world.

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The AISECT University in Bhopal, a world-class institution, is committed to challenging you, its students and faculty alike to seek knowledge and a greater understanding of an ever-changing, multicultural world. We are educators and learners. We encourage you to excel and strive to inspire through education that emphasizes on the power of discovery and the foundation of critical thinking.


To be valued as a coveted center for nurturing talent, imparting skill-based quality education and promoting research-driven advancement of knowledge for creating responsible professionals who will help build a progressive nation.


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MADHYA PRADESH ACADEMY OF ADMINISTRATION in the campus for officers/employees. The main building has been completed in the year 1982 with a cost of about Rs. 110.97 lakhs and the constructed area is about 18952.56 Sq. m. The maintenance and other works of this campus is being done by Capital Project Administration.